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Anonymous asked:

when people ask your ethnicity you should say Gorgon. If i had skills i would totally draw you as Medusa.





I love Medusa, I wish they wrote that she killed Perseus, and got her revenge on Poseidon and Athena and burned down the temple she was raped in. 

Actually, there’s a version of the story written by women, where Athena changes Medusa in order to protect her from ever being raped again. Perseus attacked her without provocation, rather than asking for her help, because she was viewed as a monster by men who feared her and couldn’t control her and he believed those men

I was always told there was no provocation, that he was told to go kill her because a king told him too, and then he murdered her while she was asleep, and used her head to get back at the king by turning him into stone. 

And like I get the powers thing, but I feel like it’s bullshit. How is that different from telling women to take self defense classes, or walk home with keys between their fingers? Like we have to constantly adapt and change, and endure the heinous impulses of men and they stay the same and we have to change. Fuck that. I want medusa to curse the seas and kills gods. Not be forced hid away in the dark losing her humanity and freedom. 

thats not the original story at all, medusa was a preistess of athena and sworn to celibacy, but she fell in love with posiedon. she broke the oath to athena and so she was changed into a monster to punish her. it wasnt until the romans came around that it was revised. theres a big misunderstanding, especially on tumblr, about the story of medusa. 

As far as I’m aware there are several versions of the story of Medusa from different regions/time periods. All seem to be valid from my cursory research into which, I admit, was very cursory. Ha.

hi-im-honey asked:

Does the Thor sex change thing offend you from a religious perspective? Jw


Not really no. Anyone who is offended by comic adaptations implies that marvel somehow impacts their personal relationship with the faith. It’s not as if Marvel has ever really been canonical so I don’t really think it’s an issue. The people who are offended in their spirituality are likely not that serious about the faith anyways.

Hope that helps!






This is an ancient Roman amulet for luck. Yes those are flying penises.

Also of note, the Roman god of marriage, Mutunus Tutunus, whose name is derived from two Latin slang words for penis. His name is essentially Dick Wiener. If you have ever wondered just how much like us the Romans were, read the etymology section

Oh look.

It’s a flying fuck.

It used to be given, and now look, it’s no more.


This is culturally and historically important, so I can reblog this without feeling childish. (Look, flying dicks!!)

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